project Mall Stores
client Mamas & Papas plc
location UK
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In November 2002, WHP had designed and handed over Mamas & Papas 16th superstore at Team Valley, Gateshead and the retail concept was under review to allow further expansion into city centres and, particularly shopping mall units.
A group of four mall stores, from Basingstoke (243m2) through Reading (384m2), Birmingham Bullring (883m2) to Meadowhall (325m2) demonstrates the evolution of the small stores concept during 2003.
Setting aside the Bullring, - which at 883m2 is not a typical mall store, the other three retain many of the established superstore features: rear stockroom mezzanine – forming a lower-ceiling nursery area, high ceiling “outdoor area”, wall display bays, room sets and car seat demonstrator.
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WHP architects
Walton Horsfall Partnership, Heymoor Studio 18 Abbey Rd, Shepley, W. Yorks HD8 8EP
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