Kirklees School Of Caring, 2004
Tenters, Netherton 2010
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2010 Yorkshire Post Environment Awards
Winner -"Tenters", Netherton
WHp set itself the challenge to prove that environmental good practice and stylish design can co-exist. Tenters has been designed to the highest environmental standards and employs the latest technology to reduce carbon omissions. It is also a design conscious open plan modern home that enhances by way of a contrast it’s historic conservation area setting.
Tenters is the fulfilment of a retired furniture designer’s dream to design and build his own sustainable home. This modern home nestles in the garden of a former mill owner’s mansion. Earth sheltered and being set against a backlog of mature trees works to ensure that it’s minimal visual impact matches it’s very modest carbon footprint.
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2004 RIBA White Rose Awards
Commendation - Kirklees College School Of Caring, Huddersfield
One of eight winners out of a total of forty entries
To quote the RIBA citation;
“ The school of caring is an example of environmentally aware design producing an attractive delightful place to learn and teach. The organisation of the building is clear and works well”.
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